HH65-C From Air Station Detroit over the Detroit River District Color Guard Auxiliarist on Watch U.S. Revenue Cutter 'Woodbury.'  Navy Yard, Norfolk, VA., April 30th 1898. Woodbury, formerly Mahoning (her name was changed in 1873), was a 130-foot, 350-ton steamer rigged as a topsail schooner.  She was built by J. W. Lynn and Son of Philadelphia, PA, for $92,000.  She entered service in 1863 and served until 1915, a span of 52 years!  She underwent some modifications during her career, including having her hull lengthened and machinery replaced.  Here she is outfitted for naval service during the Spanish-American War.  She rendered assistance to the British schooner Effie May in 1905, for which she and her crew received the thanks of the Canadian Government, enforced neutrality laws in 1914, and sailed on winter cruises along the northeast coast. She was sold in 1915 to Thomas Butler and Company of Boston for $4,286. Members Participating in Auxiliary Boat Crew Training

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9CR AUXAIR program

The 9th Central District has an active Auxiliary Air Operations (AUXAIR) program. Because aircraft can cover large geographical areas quickly and to insure a consistent level of safety, AUXAIR is organized at the District level rather than on a Flotilla and Division basis.

For general information on the AUXAIR program, we invite you to look at the National Response Department Aviation Division web site. The 9CR AUXAIR program follows all applicable National regulations, instructions and guidance. These documents may be found on the National Response Department Aviation Division web site. Additional guidance, specific to the Ninth District and to our Air Stations, is posted below.

If you are interested in joining the AUXAIR program, we invite you to look at this guide to Becoming Qualified in the AUXAIR program. You may contact the DSO-AV if you desire to participate in this program.