HH65-C From Air Station Detroit over the Detroit River District Color Guard Auxiliarist on Watch U.S. Revenue Cutter 'Woodbury.'  Navy Yard, Norfolk, VA., April 30th 1898. Woodbury, formerly Mahoning (her name was changed in 1873), was a 130-foot, 350-ton steamer rigged as a topsail schooner.  She was built by J. W. Lynn and Son of Philadelphia, PA, for $92,000.  She entered service in 1863 and served until 1915, a span of 52 years!  She underwent some modifications during her career, including having her hull lengthened and machinery replaced.  Here she is outfitted for naval service during the Spanish-American War.  She rendered assistance to the British schooner Effie May in 1905, for which she and her crew received the thanks of the Canadian Government, enforced neutrality laws in 1914, and sailed on winter cruises along the northeast coast. She was sold in 1915 to Thomas Butler and Company of Boston for $4,286. Members Participating in Auxiliary Boat Crew Training

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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
9th Coast Guard District
Central Region

District Board and Staff

The District Commodore and District Chief of Staff are elected by the District Board, usually at the Fall Conference. Their terms begin January first of the year following their election; they may serve one, two year term. The Immediate Past Commodore, as the name indicates, is the previous District Commodore.

District Captains are elected by the District Board, usually at the Fall Conference. A District Captain's term begins on January first the year following election; he may serve two consecutive one year terms. The President of the Past Commander's Association is also a member of the District Board. The President of the Past Commander's Association is elected by the members of the Past Commanders' Association, usually at the Fall Conference. The President of the Past Commander's Association term begins the year following his election; each term is for two years and there is no term limit.

The Division Commanders are members of the District Board and are elected by their respective Division Boards, usually in October. Division Commanders begin their terms on January first of the year following their election; Division Commanders may serve two consecutive, one year terms.

All members of the District Board are voting members as well as the Director of the Auxiliary. The Commodore conducts District Meetings and represents the District at National Board Meetings.

Staff Officers serve at the pleasure of the District Commodore and are not members of the District Board.

Email links for board and staff members are provided below.

District Board Members (2013)

District CommodoreLlorens (Joe) Chenevert
Immediate Past District CommodoreRichard Martin
District Chief of StaffMark Villeneuve
District Captain Northern AreaCarl Broberg
District Captain Central AreaDon Pryjmak
District Captain Southern AreaRobert Stauffer
President, Past Commanders AssociationRichard Ives
Division 16 CommanderCatherine Slabaugh
Division 18 CommanderDaniel Getts
Division 20 CommanderNorman Raymond
Division 22 CommanderDavid Campbell
Division 24 CommanderJerri Smith
Division 26 CommanderAgnes Feldman
Division 28 CommanderRichard Carver
Division 30 CommanderJay Croy

District Staff Officers

District Directorate Chief - PreventionJoseph Gregoria
District Directorate Chief - LogisticsRay Roberts
District Directorate Chief - ResponseRobert Shafer
ASC Detroit (Area Sector Coordinator)Wes Cottrell
ASC Soo (Area Sector Coordinator)Carl Broberg
AV (Aviation)Robert Shafer
CM (Communications)Richard Davis
CS (Communication Services)Karen Rochon
DV (Diversity)Position Unfilled
FN (Finance)Ronald View
FS (Flight Safety)Jeffery Kyff
HR (Human Resources)Mark Villeneuve
IS (Information Systems)Ronald View
LP (Legal)Arthur Whelan
MA (Materials)Thomas Hallock
MS (Marine Safety)Kim Cole
MT (Member Training)Kenneth Renner
NS (Navigation Systems - Sector Soo)Carl Broberg
NS (Navigation Systems - Sector Detroit)Wesley Cottrell
OP (Operations)Don Pryjmak
PA (Public Affairs)Kristen Iglesias
PB (Publications)John Socha
PE (Public Education)Thomas Chalifoux
PV (Program Visitor)Maryann Gregoria
SL (State Liason)Rick Ives
SR (Secretary)Ray Parzych
VE (Vessel Examinations)Alvin Conrad

Special Assignments

D-AA (District Administrative Assistant)Roland (Bud) Nusly
D-AD (Aide to District Commodore)Nancy Pryjmak
D-AD (Aide to District Commodore)Maryann Gregoria
AUX CHEF ChairmanDouglas Colwell
ATA (Auxiliary Testing Administrator)Albert Plaehn
Chief QE CoordinatorPaul Shooshanian
Civil Air Patrol LiaisonRobert T. Shafer
Civil Rights CordinatorJudith Martin
Coastie CoordinatorLaVonne Bauer
Contingency PlannerJoseph Macri
District Color GuardMichael Taylor
DNR LiaisonRick Ives
District HistorianLynn Heasel
Marine Safety Office LiaisonKim Cole
NSBW LiaisonJoseph Gregoria
U.S. Power Squadron LiaisonJoseph Gregoria
WebExWebEx Staff